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Samsung unveils Gear S3 at IFA 2016: Watch live stream here - CNET

  • Samsung has just taken the wraps off its new Gear S3 smartwatch.The Gear S3 is a large 46mm digital timepiece powered by Samsung's Tizen operating system. It will offer the same clickwheel-style bezel as 2015's Gear S2, a 30 percent larger battery and compatibility with Samsung Pay when it's released in three different models (including one with on-board LTE cellular) later this year. [embedded content] Follow along with the announcements above, and check out our full hands-on first take and video.Read more:Samsung Gear S3 is a supersized smartwatch that brings Spotify and GPS to your wrist (hands-on) Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic: Super-size... See full gallery ,samsung unveils gear iconx,samsung unveils gear s,samsung unveils gear smartwatch,samsung unveils gear 2,samsung unveils galaxy gear smartwatch,samsung unveils galaxy gear,samsung unveils galaxy gear smartwatch accessory,samsung unveils galaxy gear smartwatch price,samsung unveils galaxy gear note 3,samsung unveils galaxy gear smartwatch wall street journal ...ادامه مطلب

  • Is Samsung far ahead of Apple? Marc Benioff appears to think so - CNET

  • Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.Enlarge ImageIs he a little bored with his iPhone? Tech.Science.Society/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET I rather thought that tech CEOs all go around being nice to each other in public and only offering criticisms of other CEOs' companies through Masonic-like winks, nods and code words.I was moved, therefore, on Saturday night when I saw splendidly forthright Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff retweet this: "Crazy seeing Apple trying to catch Samsung. Battery life, waterproofing, blue color, front led light, &curved screens. Samsung set the standard."The original tweet was emitted by basketball coach Dennis Marshall.But did Benioff's apparent endorsement mean that a man who said there'd be no Salesforce without Steve Jobs was suggesting that Apple has a lot of catching up to do?You will mutter that this, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Motorola to Samsung: You nicked our idea - CNET

  • Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.Enlarge ImageHarsh words. Hey, how about a lawsuit? Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET Honestly, sometimes these tech types behave like artists.Fits of jealousy, tantrums of torment and, worst of all, accusations of thievery pepper their world.This week, as Samsung launched its rather fine Galaxy Note 7, one of its rivals was not pleased.Motorola hissied away on its Twitter account like this: "In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor phones' cool features?"Could the company possibly have been referring to the Samsung Galaxy? I think it could.In case someone had no idea what the company was talking about, it added the hashtag #TheOriginalAlwaysOnDisplay. I imagined Judge Lucy Koh steeling her patience,motorola to samsung transfer,motorola migrate to samsung,motorola samsung,motorola samsung phones,motorola samsung kies,smart switch motorola to samsung,transfer contacts motorola to samsung,motorola samsung ou lg,motorola samsung o sony,motorola samsung ou iphone ...ادامه مطلب

  • ​Samsung turns IBM's brain-like chip into a digital eye - CNET

  • IBM created a computer chip that works like a brain. Now, Samsung has used it to create a biologically inspired digital eye.The IBM chip, called TrueNorth, is built of 4,096 tiny computing cores that form about a million digital brain cells and 256 million connections. Together they act like the brain's neurons, sending short messages to one another to process data. The design, known as neuromorphic computing, marks a dramatic departure from traditional chips that run software packaged into strict sequences of instructions. Neuromorphic chips are also optimized to get large amounts of processing done without consuming as much power as traditional chips.Samsung has adapted TrueNorth into its Dynamic Vision Sensor that processes video imagery very differently than traditional digital cameras."Each pixel operates independently" and pipes up only if it needs to report a change in what it's seeing, said Eric Ryu, a vice president of research at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. , ...ادامه مطلب

  • North Korea not allowing Olympic athletes to receive Samsung Galaxy S7 phones - CNET

  • Josh Miller/CNET Samsung hoped that no Olympic athlete would leave Rio empty handed. The South Korean electronics giant provided the more than 11,000 athletes competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics with a special edition Galaxy S7 smartphone.One country, however, has refused the free gift. According to a report from Radio Free Asia, North Korea prevented the country's 31 competing athletes from receiving the complimentary smartphone. The report claims a North Korean official went to the Samsung office and took all of the phones that were to be provided to the country's athletes.Kim Song I, a North Korean athlete competing in table tennis, reportedly shook her head when asked by Radio Free Asia if she had received the phone. North Korea has strict rules for its athletes. The Washington Post reports that athletes are not allowed to visit places of interest and are discouraged from interacting with others, al,north korea not a threat,north korea notes,north korea not communist,north korea notepads,north korea nothing to envy,north korea not as bad,north korea not socialist,north korea noticias,north korea notebooks,north korea notam ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung buys Dacor luxury appliance brand - CNET

  • Enlarge ImageDacor made this luxury range with a built-in tablet. Chris Monroe/CNET Samsung Electronics America will buy Dacor, a company that manufacturers luxury kitchen appliances, Samsung announced Wednesday. The acquisition reflects Samsung's continued investment in large home appliance and an interest in the high-end appliance market, where products like ranges and refrigerators carry price tags that reach into five figures. Dacor is a Califoia-based company founded in 1965. The company will keep its name and US operations and manufacturing though it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung, according to a news release from Samsung. The release didn't provide information on the value of the sale or when it will be final. Samsung declined to comment further. Dacor didn't immediately retu a request for comment. Samsung has gotten aggressive in etching its own place in the large appliance mar, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung tries a bomb joke (again) to sell battery life - CNET

  • Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.Enlarge ImageWill it bomb? Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET It's a lot easier to just batter Apple if you're selling battery life.When Samsung accused iPhone users of being wallhuggers, there was a roar of approval from Galaxy types and calls to psychiatrists from Apple sorts.These days, the Korean company doesn't seem in the mood to Apple-bash, so it must resort to other marketing means.Its latest attempt to sell the Galaxy S7 Edge's battery life feels rather familiar. Here we have Danny Glover as a bomb disposal expert. He encounters a bomb in a tunnel, set for 12 hours' time. [embedded content] What else is a bomb disposal expert to do but to lie down and play with his phone? After all, there's no drama when you're disarming a device that isn't d, ...ادامه مطلب

  • US Olympic track star out to prove Halo Sport headphones make him faster, stronger - CNET

  • Enlarge ImageDaniel Chao, CEO of Halo Neuroscience, holds the Halo Sport headphones. Josh Miller/CNET Olympic sprinter Mike Rodgers is hoping a pair of high-end headphones will help him win gold.He and a handful of other US track stars have been training with Halo Sport headphones, which shoot electrical impulses into their brains to sharpen focus. That focus, he says, might be enough to give him the slightest of edges -- a millisecond or so -- at the Summer Games, which open in Rio de Janeiro on Friday. "I like what it's doing to my body right now," Rodgers said of the shiny black headset. Rodgers, a member of the 2015 world champion 4x100-meter relay team, has been training around the world with Halo for the past month.Athletes for years have been using wearable devices to improve their performance and using apps to measure their technique. Halo headphones are the latest twist, an attempt to influence physical performance by stimulating the brain. The goal: A stronger brain equals a stronger body. Halo headphones use a technology known as tDCS -- transcranial direct current stimulation -- to shoot electrical currents through the brain. The headphones' foam spikes act as electrodes to speed up the neurons to the brain's motor cortex, a practice called "neuropriming." Neuropriming can improve an athlete's strength, explosiveness and dexterity during workouts, Halo says. "This is not your average neurostimulator," Daniel Chao, Halo's CEO, said recently at the company's San Francisco headquarters. "We think about the muscles for strength and the heart to achieve endurance. We are priming your brain to achieve maximum performance, to be just as strong."Chao, a medical doctor, and Brett Wingeier, a biomedical engineer, founded Halo Neuroscience in 2013. The pair previously created NeuroPace, a device to treat epileptic seizures that was approved by the Food and Drug Administrati, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung might buy up Fiat Chrysler's auto-parts company - Roadshow

  • RoadshowNewsCar IndustrySamsung might buy up Fiat Chrysler's auto-parts companyYou'll probably recognize this label if you've been through an auto-parts store any time in the last, oh, forever or so. Magnetti Marelli Tech companies are eager to get themselves more involved with the auto industry, whether it's by creating its own automotive projects or by buying up other companies. Samsung appears to be making a move in the latter category, as it's in talks to buy up Magnetti Marelli, an auto-parts manufacturer under Fiat Chrysler.Samsung is in "advanced talks" to buy either some or all of Magnetti Marelli's business, Bloomberg reports. According to the outlet's sources, Samsung seems most interested in the telematics, infotainment and lighting side of the business. All in, the deal could eclipse $3 billion, Samsung's largest acquirement outside of its home base in South Korea.Neither company immediately retued requests for comment.Making more money is something Fiat's been trying hard to achieve for a while. It's stopping production of its compact sedans, the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, because development costs are too high and no other automaker was willing to split the bill. Fiat Chrysler's placed its whole focus on high-margin trucks and SUVs, many of which lie within its Jeep brand. Despite a push for efficient vehicles, low gas prices have kept most buyers interested in thirstier vehicles, which may or may not be myopic on an impressive scale.But it's not like Samsung isn't making its own waves in the auto industry already. Bloomberg points that that Samsung's had a team focused on auto components, electronics and autonomy since December, and the company's Shanghai division bought a stake in Chinese auto manufacturer BYD for the not-that-princely sum of about $451 million. In fact, Samsung and Magnetti Marelli have teamed up for products in the past, so this pairing isn't that, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung Pass to let you access your financial apps via your irises - CNET

  • Your eyes will be the keys to unlock financial information and other private data on the Galaxy Note 7. Josh Miller/CNET Samsung will tap into iris scanning to help you launch financial apps on the Galaxy Note 7.At its Unpacked event on Tuesday, Samsung announced that the new Galaxy Note 7 would be its first mobile device to offer iris recognition as a way to unlock the device. But the company also revealed that it will employ its Samsung Pass feature to work with the new iris scanner. That means you'll be able to use your eyes to securely open certain apps, most notably those that contain your financial information.With more people banking via their mobile devices, security has become a greater conce. Several phones offer fingerprint scanners as a way of unlocking mobile apps that contain sensitive information. But iris scanners are considered by many experts to be a more secure and accurate method of protecting the personal data on your smartphone.To integrate the new Pass capability into financial apps, Samsung is currently exploring the idea with six different banks, including Bank of America, Citi, US Bank, KEB Hana Bank, Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank, blog site AndroidCentral said on Tuesday. The company didn't reveal how far along it was in the process or when the Samsung Pass iris recognition might roll out to individual banking apps.The idea behind Samsung Pass is to replace your useames and passwords, and for more than just financial apps. The company said that Pass will let you unlock other apps, folders and documents with your eyes as well as your fingerprint. The Note 7 includes a fingerprint reader along with the iris scanner. In a press release, Samsung said that "the Galaxy Note 7 will also support Samsung Pass, bringing authentication such as iris scanning and fingerprint recognition to more apps and services."Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.Let's bloc, ...ادامه مطلب

  • When dropping phones is all in a day's work - CNET

  • Close This lab is a phone's worst nightmare Drag If you've ever dropped a bare phone on a cement floor, you've probably experienced that nail-biting anguish of tuing it over to assess the damage. At OtterBox, dropping phones is in the job description. "In meetings, people will drop their phones on purpose", says Paul Sagger, Engineering Manager at OtterBox. With roughly one third of all phones breaking within 15 months of purchase, according to a study by gadget insurance firm Protect Your Bubble, it's not surprising that the Colorado-based company has made a living off protecting our phones. The torture chambersWere it not for the otter toys and statues peering out from every coer, OtterBox's headquarters in Fort Collins could easily pass for one of Silicon Valley's tech playgrounds. Seriously, it even has a lobby slide. But what really sets its campus apart is the P.I.T (Prototype Innovate and Test), a testing lab designed to put phones and cases through the ringer in a series of contraptions resembling medieval torture devices. "A lot of it has to do with the normal kind of damage that you would have happen to a cell phone if you didn't have a case on it", says Stagger. This includes a four-foot drop test from a machine that looks like a phone booth, a tiny tanning booth where the company tests UV exposure to prevent the cases from fading and a thermal shock chamber -- a cross between an oven and a refrigerator, meant to test how cases handle extreme temperatures. A lot of these tests are industry standards, while others are unique to OtterBox and have been molded after customer horror stories. "We starte, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 live stream: Start time, how to watch and what to expect from Unpacked - CNET

  • [embedded content]Samsung is unveiling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to the world -- and it tus out all of the leaks and rumors were basically true.The news so far:Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unveiled: 5.7-inch curved screen, 12MP camera, iris scanner -- like an S7 Edge with a stylus (hands-on)Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Ready for the rumble of the jumbosSamsung's new Gear VR headset goes USB-C, but you won't be left behind (hands-on) Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 looks awesome in... , ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 livestream: How to watch and what to expect from Samsung Unpacked NYC - CNET

  • The sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, seen here, will be announced on Tuesday, August 2nd at the company's Unpacked NYC event. Juan Garzón/CNET Samsung's "Unpacked" event is today in New York City and we're ready for the company to confirm everything we think we already know about the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The most reliable rumors whisper about the Note's 5.7-inch curved screen, USB-C port and an iris scanner for unlocking the phone on sight, but what about all those fresh leaks last week? Will the phone actually come with an iCloud-style data protection feature and a waterproof pen that can translate your writing into any language?CNET editors will be on the scene to cover the news as it breaks. You can watch the Samsung livestream below, along with CNET's live pre- and post-show. Here's how to follow all the action: Tuning inWhen: Tuesday, August 2nd What time: San Francisco: 8 a.m.; New York: 11 a.m.; London: 4 p.m.; Beijing: 11 p.m. (Tuesday); Sydney: 1 a.m. Preshow: The CNET preshow starts at 7:30 a.m. PT with Brian Tong, Sharon Profis and Roger Cheng. Live stream available below.Live Stream: [embedded content]What to expectSamsung Galaxy Note 7: Everything we know about specs, release date and leapfrogging nameGalaxy Note 7 might let you do your Spanish homework underwaterSamsung to start producing Galaxy Note 7 next month, says reportIf this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it sure looks goodSamsung Galaxy Note 7 ad offers clues about upcoming phoneSamsung Galaxy Note 7 may include an iris scannerSamsung Galaxy Note 7 detailed on benchmark sitesLet's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Amazon's next noise-canceling headphones could turn off when someone yells your name - CNET

  • Amazon might be coming out with a noise-canceling headphone that automatically tus off when someone yells your name.USPTO.govHere in New York City, noise-canceling headphones are as important as comfortable walking shoes. I throw a set in my bag every moing to fight the sound of shrilly subway trains, noisy construction crews and that saxophone busker guy who always manages to find my subway car.Muting the world might sound like bliss, but to walk around a busy city with only four senses in use is a dangerous game. They might be annoying, but some noises you actually need to hear, like a car ho or a siren.Granted, some headphones like the Master & Dynamic MH40s have a manual pass-through button that mutes your music, but the industry needs to do better before someone actually gets hurt.Amazon might be working on the first headphones that can save lives. The company was just awarded a patent on July 19 for a noise-canceling headphone that automatically clicks off when it "hears" certain sound pattes, frequencies and even keywords like a name. The feature would allow the wearer to instantly tune back into his or her surroundings, and hopefully get out of the way of oncoming traffic.A diagram in the patent application filed on July 25, 2014 shows an array of microphones built into the ear pads. I assume those could be used to listen to ambient sounds, similar to the way the Amazon Echo's Alexa is always aware of vocal prompts spoken around her. The description even talks about training the microphones to listen for a two-part audio command like "Hey Justin!"That would make sense, given the inventors listed on the patent are two Amazon software engineers. One of them, Benjamin Scott, worked for three years on the Alexa Information team, according to his LinkedIn profile.It's worth noting, though, the patent only protects the technology behind the invention and doesn't guarantee the headphones will actually be available to purchase anytime soon. Still, as noise-canc, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung sees profit rise on sales of Galaxy S7 - CNET

  • It appears Samsung's Galaxy S7 is still the phone to beat. The world's largest smartphone maker on Wednesday reported its strongest eaings in two years, fueled in part by sales of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.Samsung said net income rose 2 percent year over year to 5.85 trillion won ($5.1 billion) for the three-month period ended June 30. Analysts were estimating net income of 5.64 trillion won, according to Bloomberg. Revenue for the second quarter rose about 5 percent to 50.94 trillion won ($45 billion), Samsung said. Despite a sluggish smartphone market overall, Samsung said operating profit for its mobile division rose to 4.32 trillion won ($3.8 billion) during the period. Strong sales of its high-end Galaxy S7 phones lead the way, the company said, but it was also bolstered by sales of its mid- and low-end phones. Apple, Samsung's main rival, on Tuesday reported a continuing decline in iPhone sales. Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

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