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From Apple Watch to iPhone 7: The evolution of Apple's products under Tim Cook - CNET

  • Less than two months before succumbing to cancer, ailing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs resigned from the office of CEO on August 24, 2011. Tim Cook (left), who had been the company's Chief Operating Officer since 2004, took over the top spot at the world's preeminent technology company. In the five years since his ascension to the CEO position, Cook has made a unique imprint on Apple, becoming a more vocal social activist than his legendary predecessor, and even directly taking on the US govement in a high-profile fight for digital privacy. In terms of Apple's products, however, Cook has largely taken a conservative approach, shepherding evolutionary changes to the existing product line (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV). The big exception -- and the biggest new product line of the Cook era -- has been the Apple Watch. Let's block ads! بخوانید,song from apple watch commercial,texting from apple watch,music from apple watch,facetime from apple watch,screenshot from apple watch,email from apple watch,distance from apple watch to phone,spotify from apple watch,remove app from apple watch,phone calls from apple watch ...ادامه مطلب

  • Cadillac's Escala concept is yet another cool flagship it'll never produce - Roadshow

  • If you're looking for a sneak peek at the next generation of Cadillac tech and design, the Escala is the right place to start.,cadillac,cadillac cts,cadillac srx,cadillac escalade,cadillac xt5,cadillac ct6,cadillac ats,cadillac ranch,cadillac cts v,cadillac suv ...ادامه مطلب

  • ​Intel expects USB Type-C could help kill the 3.5mm audio jack - CNET

  • Enlarge ImageThe Intel Developer Forum takes place in San Francisco. Stephen Shankland/CNET One venerable computing technology, USB, could be about to help kill off an even older standard, the 3.5mm audio jack. The 3.5mm audio jack was popularized as the way to plug headphones into Sony's portable Walkman tape player and got a new lease on life as a way to handle audio on virtually every mobile phone and PC. But if Intel and its allies get their way, the new USB Type-C connector that's spread to some high-end PCs and phones will replace it in coming years. One big problem with removing the 3.5mm jack is that countless sets of earbuds and headphones become suddenly useless unless you buy an easily misplaced adapter. Another is that it's harder to charge a phone if you have headphones plugged into its sol, ...ادامه مطلب

  • OLEDs out the wazoo: Cadillac teases Pebble Beach design concept - Roadshow

  • RoadshowNewsAuto TechOLEDs out the wazoo: Cadillac teases Pebble Beach design conceptIf you want a sneak peek at the future of Cadillac's design, look no further than Pebble Beach this coming Thursday. The automaker will roll out a new design concept during Monterey Car Week, and if you like screens, you're going to love it. Don't like screens in your car? Well, uh, I got nothin' for you, then.Cadillac's teaser focuses on the concept's interior, which is loaded with curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, which were codeveloped with LG. From the brief glimpse of the screens in the teaser, I can tell you that it looks leaps and bounds ahead of Cadillac's current Cue infotainment system, mostly because it appears to function correctly.OLEDs are slowly expanding into the automotive sector. BMW's forthcoming M4 GTS uses them in the taillights, and Audi uses them for the same purpose in its TT RS performance car. Due to manufacturing processes, OLEDs are quite versatile, as they, ...ادامه مطلب

  • This unnerving robot acts like it's alive - CNET

  • Apple Store app now touts products based on your buying history - CNET

  • screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET Apple now has a new tactic to try to get you to open your wallet. Updated on Thursday, the Apple Store app will now recommend and help you shop for products that work with the Apple devices you already own. So if you purchase an iPad, the app may propose buying a Smart Cover to accompany it. Or if you pick up an iPhone, Apple may suggest a dock to sync and charge the device. For me, the app pointed to a case for my iPhone 6. You see your recommended products as you scroll down the app's Discover screen. The new feature was leaked in late July by Bloomberg. A feature that analyzes your purchase history may strike some people as an intrusion into their private buying habits. Apple has typically depicted itself as a defender of user privacy. But the company is still a retailer, facing competition from the likes of Google and Amazon, both of which tap into data collection to try to decipher the wants and needs of their users. Apple does specify that only the name, model number and part number of your devices are linked to the Apple ID accessed by the app. You can also tu off the feature if you don't want Apple to track your purchases. The latest 4.0 version of the Apple Store app adds other features as well. You can now better manage your Apple account with an Account screen designed to be more user-friendly. Featured workshops and other events at your local Apple retail store will pop up more readily. You'll also be able to see when an order will be ready for pickup and what time an Apple Store reservation will start. Further, you can now scan a product at certain Apple Stores to lea more about it, make sure it's compatible with your existing hardware or software and then buy it through your iPhone. Finally, you can see if a product you've tagged as a Favorite is available when you visit a participating Apple Store. Apple did not immediately , ...ادامه مطلب

  • Obama and Bloomberg and Biden, oh my! Twitter reacts to DNC heavyweights - CNET

  • President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on stage at the DNC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Democrats lined up their heaviest hitters Wednesday as President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, VP candidate Tim Kaine and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took tus at the podium to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and express disdain for Donald Trump, her Republican rival. If reaction on Twitter is any indication, they hit it out of the park. Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks have changed the way the public discusses politics, much the way email and websites changed the way candidates reached out to voters. Conversations that once took place at the office water cooler now take place in real-time. And rather than one-to-one conversations, Twitter and Facebook allow voters to speak to many people at the same.Biden and Bloomberg both gave the public plenty to talk about, delivering fiery endorsements of Clinton, the first woman to be a major party candidate for president, early in the night. They also offered scathing critiques of Trump, with Bloomberg calling the real-estate developer a "dangerous demagogue." But it was Obama who wrapped up the evening by focusing on Clinton's experience, saying there's never been a "man or woman -- not me, not Bill -- more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America." And then he added to Clinton's husband and the 42nd president, "I hope you don't mind Bill, but I was just telling the truth, man."Like his opening acts, Obama slammed Trump. "The Donald is not really a plans guy," Obama said, referring to the real-estate developer's agenda. "He's not really a facts guy, either." The mention of the reality TV star prompted a wave of boos, which prompted the president to urge voters to get out on election day: , ...ادامه مطلب

  • Twitter reacts swiftly to Donald Trump's acceptance speech - CNET

  • Vowing he's the only man who can do the job, Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night. The "blue-collar billionaire" has used social media to propel his once-unfathomable campaign. But Trump's Twitter account, naturally, was radio silent during his more than hour-long speech to close out the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In his address, he promised to lead America back to prosperity, eliminate political correctness and restore law and order. "Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it," said Trump to a raucous crowd inside Quicken Loans Arena. "My message is that things have to change -- and they have to change right now." On Twitter, reaction of course was swift, including from his soon-to-be Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton: Not to be outdone, fellow Democrat (and campaign agitator/watchdog) Beie Sanders laid into Trump with more than two dozen tweets: But, Speaker Paul Ryan came to Trump's defense, apparently charged up from Trump's rouser: And Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus also toed the party line: As chants of "Trump! Trump! Trump!" filled the arena and the traditional red-and-white balloons fell down on attendees, a classic Rolling Stones song filled the air. The song choice left some perplexed, and still others saw it as an extension of the evening's ominous tone. Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

  • The Eagle has landed: 11 amazing facts about Apollo 11 - CNET

  • The astronauts all carried Duro-brand felt-tip pens (pictured is Michael Collins' pen), and if not for these the mission would not have made it home. In the cramped environment, someone had broken off the switch to the circuit breaker that activated the ascent engine. This is where Aldrin had a flash of ingenuity."Since it was electrical, I decided not to put my finger in, or use anything that had metal on the end," he wrote in his 2016 memoir "No Dream is Too High." "I had a felt-tipped pen in the shoulder pocket of my suit that might do the job. After moving the countdown procedure up by a couple of hours in case it didn't work, I inserted the pen into the small opening where the circuit breaker switch should have been, and pushed it in; sure enough, the circuit breaker held. We were going to get off the moon, after all." Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Samsung expects best quarterly results in two years - CNET

  • Samsung Electronics expects its operating profit for the second quarter to beat expectations, as strong sales of its Galaxy S7 continue to resuscitate the company's mobile unit.The Korean Electronics giant expects to report an operating profit of 8.1 trillion won ($6.9 billion) for the three months ended June 30, a 17 percent increase from the year-ago period, according to guidance released Wednesday. The results would be the highest in two years and beat the average forecast of 7.8 trillion won that Thomson Reuters derived from a survey of analysts.Revenue is expected to 50 trillion won in the quarter, a 3 percent increase over the year-ago period. The guidance, released today ahead of full eaings later this month, did not provide specific divisional results. After battling declines in both smartphone sales and market share for the past two years, Samsung has seen a resurgence in sales of its flagship phones. Combined sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are expected to hit 15 million units in the quarter, industry sources told the Korea Times last month.Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Rolling Stones selects superfans to receive custom Master & Dynamic headphones - CNET

  • Master & Dynamic made 1,962 pairs of these custom MH40 headphones for The Rolling Stones to celebrate the year it formed.Master & DynamicThe New York-based headphone house Master & Dynamic is no stranger to collaboration. In the past, the team's beautifully-crafted MH40 over-ears have been a canvas for designers like Proenza Schouler and Poggy, but today the brand is launching its most satisfying partnership to date: a pair of MH40s celebrating the 54-year career of The Rolling Stones. The limited edition headphones with the band's iconic lips logo on the ear cups are available today in two colors (gunmetal or matte black), but you'll have to prove your loyalty if you want to buy a pair.Master & Dynamic partnered with The Rolling Stones to design this custom pair of MH40 over-ear headphones.Master & DynamicTo do so, Master & Dynamic leaned on the streaming music service Spotify to select a handful of users that have spent the most amount of time listening to the band's discography. The qualifying super fans (limited to US and UK Spotify Premium subscribers) will receive an e-mail from Master & Dynamic today that contains a voucher code that can be used to buy one of the custom MH40s for $499 (about £386), which includes an MP1000 headphone stand and free shipping. The company produced a very limited run of the headphones with only 1,962 units made. If that number sounds random to you, you're probably not obsessed with The Rolling Stones. The band formed in 1962 and each of the headphones will ship with the production number engraved on the inside ear cup.Super fans only have until July 13th, 2016 to pick up their pairs, at which time Master & Dynamic will sell the remaining headphones to the general public on its web site. Check out our video review below of the MH40 headphones. , ...ادامه مطلب

  • 10 facts about the Apple-1, the machine that made computing history - CNET

  • Enlarge ImageThis fully functioning Apple-1 was sold at auction by Christies in December 2014 for $356,000. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images On this day in 1975, Steve "Woz" Wozniak tested the prototype of what would be come the Apple-1 computer. Here are 10 fascinating facts about that history-making machine.1. Woz constructed the very first Apple-1 computer prototype based on the $175 Motorola 6800 CPU. When a team of former Motorola engineers released the $25 MOS 6502 CPU, Woz adapted his system around the cheaper chip to make the Apple-1 more affordable.2. The processor ran at just 1.023 MHz. Its 4 KB of RAM was expandable to 8 KB or 48 KB. An additional cassette tape interface allowed the user to save program data. This was one of the precursors to the floppy disc.3. The Apple-1 computer consisted of a single motherboard, with about 60 chips, fully pre-assembled. At the time, computers did not come assembled, and consisted of multiple circuit boards. 4. Even though it came with a pre-assembled motherboard, that's all the Apple-1 came with. Owners had to make their own case.5. Woz included motherboard support for CRT TV compatibility -- a novel idea at the time -- as well as support for a keyboard and a power supply (all of which the user needed to supply themselves).6. Woz offered the Apple-1 design to his current employer, Hewlett-Packard, five times. HP tued him down.7. A Star Trek game was released for the Apple-1 on a cassette in 1977 for $5. 8. Steve Jobs was the one who convinced Woz to try and sell his computer. Woz built 200 units by hand, and all but 25 of those units sold during the short time the Apple-1 remained on the market.9. The wholesale price of the computer was $500. The retail price was the eyecatching $666.66. According to Woz, "I was into repeating digits...Steve worked a deal to sell his computers wholesale price to the store for $500 bucks. What should , ...ادامه مطلب

  • Brexit: The tech world reacts to UK's withdrawal from EU - CNET

  • London's Silicon Roundabout. Getty Images Well, now what?The UK's decision to leave the European Union -- a movement called Brexit -- goes against the sentiment of leading technologists and economists, all of whom fear the potential effects at home and abroad. Nevertheless, the British tech industry and the foreign tech companies that operate in the country must now decide how to proceed, how to weather any potential storms and how to make the most of the new environment in which they'll have to operate.The referendum to exit the EU is unprecedented, making it impossible to make long-term predictions about the impact on the tech world. But the bombshell decision promises to shake things up as important figures and tech companies take stock of the new norm. In the US, Donald Trump lauded the Brexit movement, which he linked to his own unlikely ascension. President Barack Obama said the US' relationship with the UK remains unchanged.In the UK, the reaction can be summed up with one acronym: PMA. That's right, there's a lot of "positive mental attitude" going round right now. And the tech world is going to need a lot of PMA.What about my mobile operator?Despite throwing its weight behind the "remain" campaign, a spokeswoman for carrier BT said that it was "business as usual" at the company. "We'll work closely with the British govement and EU during negotiations, to ensure BT's views are heard, as our goal is to protect the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders and business."Rival O2 expressed disappointment. "We believe that large businesses like ours would have been stronger remaining in the EU," said a company spokesman. "Whatever happens next we will continue to fiercely compete in our market, innovate and deliver for our customers."Vodafone and Virgin Media were both keen to reassure customers that they'd continue to receive company support, and neither firm predicted, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson honors Orlando shooting victims with facts about rainbows - CNET

  • Enlarge ImageNeil deGrasse Tyson. YouTube/MinutePhysics Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is incredibly active on Twitter, where he's argued against flat-Earthers and is behind a neverending series of humorous science tweets. Today, his Twitter feed is full of facts about rainbows. The messages are in honor of Sunday's shooting victims at the gay night club Pulse in Orlando, Florida.Tyson's first tweet on the topic reads, "The exact Rainbow any of us sees in the sky is entirely our own -- a personal, yet communal gift from the laws of optics." He goes on to talk about the angular size of rainbows, Isaac Newton's groundbreaking work on optics and how we name the colors of the rainbow. Tyson veers into the poetic with this message: "A Rainbow forms only broadside to your line of sight. That's why the pot of Gold at its base remains eteally out of reach. He even steps over into science fiction by discussing how blind character Geordi La Forge from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" would view a rainbow through his high-tech visor. The series of tweets culminates with one final thought: "And sometimes you will find colors of the Rainbow on flags." Tyson tweeted a photo of the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, with the seal for the City of Orlando next to it.Other luminaries from the science, technology and writing world have commented on the Orlando massacre, which took the lives of 49 victims and left more than 50 wounded. "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling moued the loss of a young man who worked on a Harry Potter theme ride at Universal Studios. Apple CEO Tim Cook denounced the shooting as an "act of terrorism and hate."Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

  • Insects like you've never seen them before (pictures) - CNET

  • Roku Streaming Stick 2016 Roku has the most apps, the simplest interface and the best search, making it CNET's favorite way to stream Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and all the rest. READ OUR REVIEW Let's block ads! بخوانید, ...ادامه مطلب

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