Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History (Unabridged) - Katy Tur

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The NBC journalist who covered - and took fire from - Donald Trump on the campaign trail offers an inside look at the most shocking presidential election in American history. Katy Tur was one of a select cadre of NBC reporters on the road during the grueling 2016 presidential campaign, reporting from small towns and venues across America for more than 16 months. At the beginning of the primaries, Tur was assigned the Trump campaign - a campaign widely considered a long shot by politicos and the media. But primary after primary, the novice outsider trumped his rivals and won the hearts and votes of many Republicans. His appeal to working-class whites, the GOP's traditional middle and upper middle class base, and conservative evangelicals took him all the way to the White House, astonishing the nation and the world. Unbelievable is Tur's inside account of being embedded with the campaign, revealing what it was like to report on the most combative and volatile major party candidate ever to run for office and win. At first, Trump tried to charm Tur into providing fawning coverage. When that didn't work, he stooped to berating and shaming her, stoking the rage of his legion of supporters - many who threatened Tur and other penned-in reporters at his events. The vitriol reached such a fever pitch that following one rally, during which Trump launched a personal attack against her, the Secret Service had to accompany Tur to her car. But Katy was not alone. Millions of Americans watched in disbelief as Trump ordered Tur to "be quiet" during one of his many press conferences and called her "disgraceful", "third-rate", "not nice", and "Little Katy". In response, thousands of people across the country rushed to her defense, tweeting #imwithtur. Intriguing, disturbing, and powerful, Unbelievable is an unprecedented eyewitness account of the 2016 election from an intelligent, dedicated journalist at the center of it - a thoughtful historical record that offers eye-opening insights and details on our political process, the media, and the mercurial 45th president of the United States.

Customer Reviews

Smart, insightful and witty

This is the best book about the 2016 campaign. Period!

Can't even get a fair book review

The book is supposed to be about our then presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. Instead, the review makes it look like a weak, sad and pathetic "professional" journalist got her ego checked regularly by a larger than life candidate who was determined to win to help America to get back on track.
Seeing the review you folks gave for Hillary's book, and then seeing this, it pisses me off that even a damned book review on Apple iTunes Store can't give our Commander-in-Chief a break. In 9 months he has already done more than obama did in 8.
Because Hillary didn't allow anyone to "dish" about her campaign antics, she's made to look like oh, poor victim who couldn't stand upright after she lost because she was so devastated. I hope people were watching the same campaign as I! She couldn't stand up during most of her campaign. Her mood swings and outrageous abuse of her staff during her campaign showed she was just a post menopausal maniac who needed to double her dosage and lay off the booze. She was ripping people's heads off during her constant temper tantrums, even trying to get Matt Lauer fired because he asked her questions that she didn't really like him doing his job and asking some hard questions that didn't paint her in a very pleasing light.
Trump had more natural and positive energy on that campaign like a man half his age.
Hillary didn't lose in November 2017.


WAAAAAAAAA! I am a political reporter. Feel sorry for me. The insite was interesting. the constant complaining about her job was not. I didn't even mind the slanted view. I expected it. Would have been a much better book without the complaining.

Katy Tur, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History (Unabridged)
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  • Narrator: Katy Tur
  • Published: 2017
  • Category: Nonfiction
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